About Us

Tomorrow company adheres to the business philosophy of quality first and honest service, serving the petrochemical industry, food machinery, building decoration, solar energy industry, water treatment equipment industry, electronic industry and other industries.

Tomorrow fasteners main: 

stainless steel fasteners, alloy steel fasteners, non-standard custom parts, the main process of cold heading, stamping, CNC, bending, laser cutting and other machining equipment.

Implement GB DIN, ISO JIS ANS, ASME and other standards.

Fasteners of tomorrow:

The following products are available:

A2-70/A4-70 stainless steel fasteners up to international standards

Taiwan high quality 12.9 alloy steel fasteners

Special fastener for industry

Non-standard parts specified by customer

Tight cutting parts or thread improvement system

Specification range of stainless steel products:

Outer hexagon screw M4-M24 (cold pier) M24 or above for cutting

Hexagon socket screw M1.4 -- M20 (cold pier) M20 or above for cutting

Machine screw M1 - M8

Self-drilling screw ST1.2 - ST6.3

Set screw  M3 - M10

Carriage bolts M6 -- M12

Nut M1.6 -- M24 (cold pier) M24 above available for cutting

Flat mat m1.6-m7 - (

Spring washers m1.6-m7 - (

Available material: SUS304, SUS302HQ, SUS316, SUS316L, etc