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  • ​Metal Rivets are widely used in various machinery, automobiles, aircraft, construction, electronics, furniture and other fields. The following are some specific application scenarios:


  • Electro Galvanizing Shelf Rivet refers to electroplated galvanized rivets used for shelf assembly. These rivets are usually used to connect different parts of the shelf to ensure the stability and strength of the shelf.


  • Combination screws for metal are fasteners specifically designed for use on metal framing, steel studs, or other metal-to-metal applications. These screws are arranged in strips or disks, which means they connect together for efficient use with a compatible screwgun or driver.


  • Computer Numerical Control Machining (CNC Machining) is an automated manufacturing process controlled by a computer for cutting, engraving, drilling, grinding, etc. operations to process various types of materials such as metal, plastic, wood, etc.


  • 1. Do not start the machine when the screw does not reach the preset temperature.


  • There are many kinds of hex nuts, hexagonal nuts, round nuts, square nuts and so on. Some specifications and size standards, material requirements, electroplating standards are more clear.